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Maxi clothes airer dimensions
Price: $215.00
Hanging Space: 24.0m
No. of Rails: 12
Length: 200cm
Height: 166cm
Width: 110cm
Width Folded: 19cm
Flexi dimensions - portable clothes airer
Price: $165.00
Hanging Space: 16.2m
No. of Rails: 9
Length: 180cm
Height: 140cm
Width: 106cm
Width Folded: 19cm
Mini portable lightweight clothes airer
Price: $80.00
Hanging Space: 9.9m
No. of Rails: 9
Length: 107cm
Height: 110cm
Width: 76cm
Width Folded: 11cm
By Brad, 02/02/2015 - 14:37
By Brad, 02/02/2015 - 13:41
  • 16 meters of hanging space
  • huge hanging capocity clothes airer
  • 2 full loads of washing
  • lighweight, easily moved even when fully loaded

Versatile hooks to hang and dry various items. The hooks on the clothes airer can be turned up or down.

Hang, loop, hook and dry

  • socks
  • smalls
  • hats
  • shoes
  • etc


Flexible by name and flexible by design. This clothes airer easily caters for 1 load of washing with room spare. The drying rack includes loops. These loops are great for hanging socks and provide a perfect place for coat hangers. When turned over, the loops become hooks, which are just the thing for smalls. As with all Hanging Stuff products, the Flexi is lightweight, a very portable clothes airer with or without washing and can be folded when not in use.



Just need to dry a few things in front of the heater? The Mini clothes airer is for you. Sturdy, yet small, easy to fold, this indoor clothes airier is a great alternative to the clothes horse which can be awkward to erect and disassemble. Great for camping or caravanning, the Mini clothes airer is a great item to own due to its varied applications.



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