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Mother's Day

Low washing line

To My Beautiful Children,

I love the excitement that Mother's Day brings
And pretending to not care when I don't sleep in.

On seeing your faces as you present me your pictures
I think to myself, "I couldn't ask for more riches."

It's great we have a day where we recognise our mum
For reminding us that we are special to some

But then there's the other 364
When I'm picking up your crap from the living room floor.

Here's an idea, just a little thought
We cancel the presents, the ones that I bought.

Bocce Anyone?

Hills Hoist

Backyards conjure up images of running under the sprinkler in the summer sunshine, backyard cricket diplomacy and trampoline related injuries. Backyards are for enjoying, for creating memories.

Some backyards are flat which are great for footy matches, some are sloped, perfect for slip and slide. But some have obstacles in the way. These obstacles are from a time gone by. From a time when Mum was home to take the washing of the line if it started to rain. From a time when backyards were spacious and when everyone had one.

Simply Seconds

Hanging Stuff comparison

We have some clothes airers that are marked and/or scratched. This does not affect the product's fitness for purpose. Prices for seconds are
Maxis RRP $215 - seconds price is $150
Flexis RRP $165 - seconds price is $100
Minis RRP $80 - seconds $50
Don't delay, contact sales@hangingstuff.com.au for further details or enter the following coupons at the checkout.

For a Maxi enter MaxiSave

For a Flexi enter FlexiSave

The Magic of Camping

Drying the tent

There’s nothing like a long weekend. A time when many of us, get away from it all. Escape the stresses of daily life. A time when we unplug. A time when we disconnect from the external and focus on the internal. When we focus on our friends, our families and ourselves. A time when we enjoy the outdoors, when we return to nature and when we enjoy simple activities.