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Clothes Airer FAQ

Q1 Can I use my Hanging Stuff outdoors and indoors? 

The Hanging Stuff is made from lightweight, rust resistant aluminium and can be used for outdoor and indoor use.

Q2 Can the Hanging Stuff be folded away when not in use? 

The Hanging Stuff is easily folded and can be hung on a wall in the garage or laundry.

Q3 How much line capacity does the Hanging Stuff offer? 

It can handle a full load of washing including large items like bed sheets. Unlike other models, bed sheets don’t need to be folded in half before being hung on the Hanging Stuff. The large line offers 24 metres of usable line space, the small line 9 metres. The lines are well spaced having lines at different heights to reduce clothes being too close together which speeds the drying process. This also makes it easier to hang laundry, reducing your time spent hanging out washing.

Q4 How will my Hanging Stuff help me improve power consumption?

The Hanging Stuff will effectively and efficiently deliver an environmentally friendly solution that will reduce your power bills as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your household. For more information on reducing your power bill through household appliances see https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/water-energy-and-environment/energy/saving-energy-at-home/check-and-reduce-your-energy-use/appliance-running-costs

Q5 Is the Hanging Stuff heavy? 

The Hanging Stuff without carrying any laundry weighs approximately  6kg (Maxi), 5kg (Flexi) and 2kg (Mini) and is so easy to move from one area to another. It can be carried in one hand by most people.

Q6 Will the Hanging Stuff blow over in windy conditions? 

The Hanging Stuff, when fully opened is very sturdy however; as it is free standing, during very windy conditions it is advisable to place the Hanging Stuff in an enclosed area. During a normal breezy day, the Hanging Stuff will work well

Q7 Can I use pegs on my Hanging Stuff?

The Hanging Stuff has thick rails which prevents creases on clothing. Heavier items, such as towels and trousers may dry on the rails without pegs in still and lightly breezy conditions. Slipperier materials such as those found in sports clothing may need to be pegged. This can be done with ordinary clothes pegs by placing them horizontally under the rail. For a simple solution, purchase packets of pegs with your Hanging Stuff purchase at http://www.hangingstuff.com.au/products/clothes-airer/pegs

Q8 Does Hanging Stuff require assembly?

Yes. In order to keep delivery costs to a minimum, the item requires some assembly. Hanging Stuff is provided with easy to follow  assembly instructions.

Q9 Can you deliver to PO Boxes?

Due to the size of the packages we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes. Contact  us for alternatives.



Delivery for Hanging Stuff is a flat rate Australia Wide.

  • Maxi - $20
  • Flexi - $20
  • Mini - $15

The above flat rate prices are based on purchasing a single Hanging Stuff. Shipping rates for purchasing more than one will be calculated during checkout based on total weight.

We deliver Australia wide using a courier service. Please allow 5 working days for delivery to metropolitan areas. Regional areas may take more than 5 working days. In order to ensure satisfactory delivery please contact us if there is not a safe place for the package to be left should you not be at home. If not at the nominated address, a calling card may be left. ​In order for the product to be shipped, the customer must provide an active phone number for use by Hanging Stuff or the nominated courier service.

Where possible shipping will be door to door. However, for some locations delivery may be to a depot nearest the customer as determined by Hanging Stuff.

Due to the size of the packages we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes. Contact us for alternatives.

In order to keep delivery costs to a minimum, the item requires some assembly. Hanging Stuff is provided with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Delivery to Overseas Customers

Due the the size of the products we currently only accept orders within Australia.


e.g. Mollymook 2768